In our BID/BUILD Process, we understand that you may not need our design team since you already have an existing plan, sketch, or concept. Keeping this in mind for the initial consultation, our professional sales staff will meet with you at your own home or office to introduce our company, speak of our capabilities, and begin reviewing your design and project. We will listen intently as you walk us through what you desired when developing the concept and specific details within the design. We will ask you more questions about the project, using this time to “get up to speed” about the project and begin to build a relationship with you. After this initial consultation, we would like to obtain copies of any documents you may have (designs, sketches, engineering specifications, and/or consultants notes) to begin the Pricing Process.


After we return to the office, our sales team will begin reviewing any and all documents you have provided in depth and begin any fact-finding processes we deem important: this process is where we begin to formulate a specialized landscape installation package based on the information we review and gather. Since our company has numerous resources encompassing a vast array of materials and installation capabilities, our pricing structure is the most competitive in our market for a full service landscape company. Working with our team of professionals, specializing in multiple areas of landscape installation and design, you will become involved in our open forum of communication that welcomes your input, new ideas, and helps you navigation around any bumps in the road that may have occurred during the installation based on the current specifications or material selections. After we have presented our tailored landscape package to you, we are quite confident you will choose our company for your landscape installation team based on our professionalism, capabilities, price points, and service we have proven to you.


Your project has been scheduled, all the piece have been lined up, and the production team is on their way to begin breathing life into your concept that we have both worked so thoroughly to install. This is where the fun begins since now you are able to see the capabilities, design flare, quality, and service we have spoken to you about. Your project takes shape via our skilled crafts people and project management processes and you’ll enjoy the continued communication and attention to detail that goes into a high-end quality landscape.


Now, in the wake of our production team, they have left behind a breath-taking, organic landscape that was once only a vision in your mind or a concept on a piece of scratch paper. You now have the bonus of enjoying a walk through with our staff to review all your new design elements that have been installed. With our team, you are never left out in the cold after the installation is completed. We are always just a phone call away for servicing you. So, now it is time to celebrate, not only the new landscape that has been created, but the relationship that has been built that will carry on for years to come…it’s time to enjoy and make new moments in your outdoor environment!